Street View: Tampa International Airport

Advanced Online Insights Solves Google Maps Navigation Issues

Tampa International Airport is located six miles west of Downtown Tampa, in Hillsborough County, Florida. The airport is publicly owned by Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (HCAA). The airport serves 93 non-stop destinations throughout North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe across multiple carriers.

New Routes On Street View


Street View on Demand offers many benefits to businesses and organizations, large and small. The TIA project demonstrates the convenience of Street View on Demand. Using our experience and updated technology, our team was able to travel to Tampa and independently drive the TIA roads, ramps, and terminal exteriors to fix navigation issues, update roads, and capture high-quality photography. This was all completed with very little time or assistance required of TIA staff, and the updated information was uploaded to Google and publicly available within weeks of completing the drive-through to gather the imagery.

Tampa Airport Control Tower


The Tampa International Airport (TIA) was experiencing navigation issues connected with their Google maps listings. The airport had just finished their new Express departure and arrival lanes, and they were opened to the public. The goal of these lanes was to allow customers to navigate more quickly to the correct TIA location for a better overall experience; however, once the construction was finished, the airport’s online listings did not reflect the changes. This resulted in customers arriving at the wrong terminals despite following the navigation correctly. Few people used the new Express lanes, ultimately creating more traffic complications. 

Long Term Parking Entrance


The TIA had reached out to several firms to help them update their online information to reflect the new changes. Only Advanced Online Insights had the capacity to do the word and the trusted status from Google, meaning our team would have direct, priority access to support making changes online.

Advanced Online Insights packed up and headed to Tampa, where we were able to drive all of the new areas of the airport to capture the updated information. Using that footage, we were able to submit all of the necessary changes directly to Google to reflect the new traffic patterns at the airport. We worked in partnership with the team at Google to verify the changes and ensure the new information was updated correctly. The new driving routes, traffic patterns, and digital information were added to the Tampa International Airport Google Maps listing, making it instantly accessible by customers everywhere.

The Shuttle at Tampa Airport


Using Street View on Demand, the team at Advanced Online Insights was able to update the new roads in the airport terminal, solve navigation issues and make navigation easier for visitors and customers.

  • Accurate navigation: Passengers would arrive in the correct terminal when following the updated maps and navigation
  • Saved money and time: Airport staff saved time and resources spent constantly addressing customer issues
  • Improved customer experience: Tampa International Import could offer improved experiences for its customers and better marketing through updated Google Maps information
  • New navigation locations: Our team was also able to create new navigation locations, including specific terminal options, to ensure the customer was heading to the correct destination.

New Navigation Lanes at Tampa Airport

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