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With Street View On Demand by Advanced Online Insights, you have control of your corner of the world. Google Street View displays millions of interactive photos along many of the world’s streets, roadways, trails, and even underwater in the Google Maps and Google Earth technologies. Street View On Demand allows individuals or businesses the opportunity to request Street View Imagery to be captured or updated--a request that was impossible until now.

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"Street View gives you the ability to be a part of the largest virtual imagery database in the world"
Google Street View.

How to add or update Google Street View.

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We are here to help you add or update Google Street View for your business, roads, or project. The process is simple. All you have to do is contact us and get on our schedule. We capture the roads and areas of interest for your project. We process all of the imagery and in about 2 weeks from the date of capture, your new Street View is live and available on Google Maps.

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Google Street View  vs.  Street View on Demand
​What's the Difference?​

Google Street View

Google Street View is a technology created by Google that is featured in Google Maps and Google Earth. Street View provides interactive panoramas from positions along many streets in the world. Originally launched in 2007, it has expanded to include cities and rural areas worldwide. 

How this impacts you: Streets and paths with Street View imagery available are shown as blue lines on Google Maps. If you check your private property, it’s unlikely to be listed with Street View imagery. This is because Google does not capture Street View on private property or private roads, and they do not take requests to add or update Street View to capture those areas. Google chooses the schedule and the areas that they add and update Street View. 

Street View on Demand

Street View on Demand provides the same image quality and functionality as Google Street View with a few key differences that set our services apart. The main difference in our Street View On Demand service and Google Street View is that our services put you in full control to request when and where you would like Street View imagery to be captured.

How this impacts you:  Our services help businesses that were overlooked in the past to finally get Google Street View. Having control of these elements is incredibly important because they directly allow a business to manage the overall quality and coverage of the Google Street View imagery in the areas that are important to them.

Features & Benefits of Street View On Demand

  • Control: The Street View On Demand service gives individuals or businesses the ability to have imagery collected in the exact areas that they need at the time that they specify.

  • Marketing: Street View imagery can be easily embedded on websites and used in social media posts. We can create direct links to specific areas to share online and in emails. Street View imagery can be used to inform the public about what an area or business has to offer, community safety, and driving points of interest.

  • Economic Development: When Street View imagery is collected, the technology automatically updates Google Maps with new features, such as new businesses, wayfinding, and many other enhancements that verify the information on Google Maps is up to date and correct.

  • New Roads, Trails, and Walking Paths: When roads, trails, and walking paths are captured with Street View On Demand, they are added or updated on Google Maps.

  • Online Search Performance: The most important thing you get is peace-of-mind knowing that your customers are finding you online and on their mobile devices in an easily accessible, familiar format.

  • One-time charge: No monthly fees.

We chose the Mini Cooper as our official Street View vehicle due to its low profile and small footprint. And who are we kidding, they just make people smile.

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Case Studies

Here are some businesses who have already seen a return on investment from our services. 

HOMEARAMA® Kensington

Roads not on Google Maps?  No problem! Street View Saves the Day for the HOMEARAMA® Kensington Event.

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Tire Discounters

Do you have more than one business location?  We shot over 100 virtual tours for Tire Discounters in just under 3 months.

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CVG Airport 

Read about how Street View on Demand solved a big logistics problems for Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport.

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