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How Much Does A Google Street View for Business Virtual Tour Cost?

Our pricing is very simple and has stayed the same since Google Street View for Business was introduced in 2012. A Google Virtual tour produced by Joseph Danzer Photography starts at $350.00 and increases based on the coverage you need to show your business. The $350 fee includes 360 degree photography (5 panoramic images) and 15+ commercial quality architectural still photos. Each additional panoramic image is $45.00 and allows you to extend the tour into more areas of your business. We would be happy to have one of our tour estimators stop by your business and give you a complimentary tour estimate and answer any questions you have regarding the Google Street View for Business program. Once the tour is shot the images are stitched together, processed, and uploaded to the servers at Google and appear live on Google Maps and Google Search.

The final cost of a Google Virtual Tour can vary slightly between photography agencies and Google certified photographers across the country. Many price their virtual tours in bundled packages consisting of a sliding price scale, such as, small, medium, large, and custom. We feel that though this method can keep things simple, we choose to accurately estimate the exact amount of panoramic photographs needed to cover a business and charge a fair price for the precise amount of work needed to create the virtual tour.

Our photographer would be happy to answer any questions you have about our Google Street View for Business Virtual Tours. Click HERE to receive a free estimate for your business.

Business owners are granted all rights to their images and can use them on their website and other digital and print advertising.
“I can't imagine that there is anyone better than Joe at Google 360 views. I appreciated most how much of the organization and prep that he took off my plate. Since I have started working with him, we have efficiently knocked out over 100 Tire Discounter stores in 4 states. His quality and attention to detail is impeccable. We now add on a headshot of our general manager during the store shoot and the value and quality is perfect for our needs and more. Thanks Joe!”



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