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Advanced Online Insights Analytics Tool

The Advanced Online Insights Analytics Tool allows AOI Certified Agencies to see one-of-a-kind analytics reports that truly represent their client’s online performance. The current state of website analytics and Google AdWords conversion reports are no longer telling a complete story about a business’s overall online performance.

The AOI Analytics Tool visualizes actual Google Search data and performance by tracking Google My Business Insights and Keyword Ranking reports. Having access to this data can show how well marketing campaigns are performing and provides real insight into where a business should focus their efforts and budget in the future.

18 Months of Google My Business Insights

Instant Access to 18 Months of Google Search Analytics

The Advanced Online Insights Analytics Tool is the only service available that allows you to see your client’s Insights for more that the standard 90 days and continues to save the search analytics for as long as the service is active. An AOI Certified Agency can access all of the Google Insights Search metrics at daily values for any specific date range and generate custom reports. These reports can show not only how the client’s listing is performing in online search, but can help to learn more about what matters most to build an online presence.

Direct and Discovery Reporting

Direct & Discovery Reporting

Knowing how often a client’s business listing is being found online is a very valuable metric to understand how much brand awareness and organic search the business generates in Google search results. An AOI agency can create reports that can show daily values of these search metrics and understand more precisely what is causing Google to show a client’s business in more search results.

Direct: Search results that bring up only your business listing. They search for your business name and only your business listing is shown. This is an indicator of brand awareness.

Discovery: Organic search results that show your listing in a list with other similar businesses. They searched for a category, product, or service that you offer, and your listing appeared.

Photo ViewsPhoto Views

Photos set your business apart from the competition. Seeing how much your photos are viewed helps a business choose better images that create more interest and interaction.

Results in Google Search & Google Maps

Results in Google Search & Google Maps

A business listing shows up in more places online than just Google Search. Google Maps plays a large role in a business’s online performance and seeing how often it is found in maps vs. search can give a business a competitive advantage.

Review Generator Link

Direct Review Generator Link

The Advanced Online Insights Tool creates a direct review link that can be shared with customers to make the process of getting more reviews simple and easy.

google virtual tour, advanced online insights, marketing strategies

Multi-Location Rollup Reports

One of the most powerful features in the AOI Analytics tool is the ability to create  Multi-Location Rollup Reports. This feature adds the ability to select several business locations and combine all of their analytics into a single report. This shows the overall performance of multi-location business or franchise. The report also allows for advanced sorting of each individual location by any one metric. 

For instance, if a major chain of restaurants with 500 locations nationwide would like to see which location gets the most direction requests in Google Maps its as easy as one click to sort the individual locations from the most to the least amount of direction requests.

google virtual tour, advanced online insights, marketing strategies

Comparison Reports

This feature is our AOI Certified Agencies favorite. Online marketing firms who go through our certification process to learn more about Google My Business do so for one reason, to become experts in optimizing and managing Google My Business Listings.

The Comparison Reports show all of their hard work and the difference it makes for their clients online presence and conversions. This report allows a business owner to see how much impact their Google My Business Listing has when it is properly optimized and managed!


Let’s Get Started

If you have read this far then you must believe as much as we do how this analytics data can provide a competitive advantage for you and your business’s online marketing efforts. Seeing your real online performance helps you make better decisions regarding which of your marketing efforts are performing and which are falling flat. This can result in thousands of dollars of savings, but more importantly, confidence in the decisions to put more into the marketing that is performing and reducing the efforts that are not producing results. 

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Reach out today to get a free evaluation of your Google Business Listing. The sales team at Advanced Online Insights is the easiest sales team you will ever work with. We are easy going and we make it our goal to provide you with value whether or not you even purchase our product. Our search professionals enjoy nothing more than sharing their knowledge of current online trends and making a new friend. We pride ourselves in our ability to educate you about your business’s online performance and how to enhance it. Don’t just take our word for it. Let us prove it to you.

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“Joe has been extremely helpful to me in setting up my business in Google.  The photography he did to create the "see inside" tours for both our Elements Massage studios is stunning.  He also provided clear instructions to upload the tours to our websites, so we could gain extra value from his work.  Joe is very easy to work with.  I highly recommend him for your Google site and photography needs.”



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