Miami University Ohio Leverages Street View to Engage Prospective Students

Navigating Excellence: Miami of Ohio’s Innovative Use of Street View On Demand for Student Engagement and Recruitment

“As the final year of high school unfolded, Lily stood at the crossroads of possibility, facing the daunting task of choosing a college. The acceptance letters adorned her desk like a colorful mosaic of potential futures, each University representing a unique path to tread. She spent late nights poring over brochures, weighing the pros and cons of each institution. 

A small liberal arts college beckoned with promises of close-knit communities and personalized attention, while a sprawling state university offered the allure of diverse academic opportunities and bustling campus life. Torn between pursuing her passion for art and literature or venturing into the uncharted waters of computer science, Lily grappled with the profound decision that would shape the next chapter of her life.

As the deadline loomed, she took solace in realizing that the uncertainty was not a roadblock but a threshold to growth and self-discovery, embracing the exhilarating journey ahead. 

But which one? Where could she see herself?”

In the competitive landscape of higher education, universities are increasingly turning to innovative technologies to enhance engagement and attract prospective students. Miami University of Ohio, situated in the picturesque town of Oxford, OH, has taken a bold step by harnessing the power of Street View On Demand to showcase its campus, creating an immersive online experience that promotes engagement and serves as a powerful recruiting tool.

College campuses are meant to be viewed from within its sidewalks, paths, and roadways. Integrating Street View On Demand into Google Maps allows users to virtually explore Miami University’s campus, providing a dynamic and realistic tour of its academic, residential, and recreational spaces. This interactive tool goes beyond static images, offering an authentic feel for the campus’s layout and atmosphere, regardless of a visitor’s physical location. This level of accessibility is especially crucial in an era where prospective students may be unable to visit in person due to various constraints.

Click on images for a 360° walk-around of Miami’s campus.

For current students, Street View On Demand provides a novel way to navigate the campus and discover new areas. Whether locating a specific building, exploring campus landmarks, or planning the most efficient route between classes, this technology empowers students to feel more connected and confident in their physical surroundings. It fosters a sense of belonging and familiarity, key factors in promoting student engagement and satisfaction.

Prospective students, too, benefit tremendously from this immersive experience. The ability to virtually stroll through the campus offers a taste of life at Miami University, helping them envision themselves as part of the vibrant community. It goes beyond glossy brochures and static images, providing an authentic and interactive preview of the University’s facilities, green spaces, and student life. They get a peek, from a first-person POV, of what it’s like to walk through the campus during the lovely Fall foliage, latte in hand, books in tow, and look around at the history, charm, and beauty of buildings and landscapes of the school. This helps the prospective students envision and embrace a sense of ownership over their choice of education and the next steps in life.

Click on images for a 360° walk-around of Miami’s campus.

Miami’s strategic use of Street View On Demand also aligns with modern recruitment strategies and identifies the importance of a strong online presence in attracting tech-savvy prospective students. Put simply, the school is speaking the “language” of the newer generation of students. This “virtual tour” capability allows the University to stand out in a congested digital landscape and provide an engaging and informative experience that sets it apart from other campuses. 

In addition to its role in student engagement and recruitment, Street View On Demand contributes significantly to the school’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Google prioritizes map locations, Google Business Profiles, and websites that offer valuable and relevant content, and the integration of this technology signals to search engines that Miami is committed to providing a rich and user-friendly online experience. This, in turn, improves the University’s visibility and accessibility to a broader audience. In essence, it allows Miami University to get out in front of the recruiting process even before prospective students have started to engage with a school.

Furthermore, Miami University now has the ability to step beyond the standard campus tour by integrating Street View On Demand into virtual information sessions and interactive presentations. Admissions officers can guide prospective students through the campus remotely, answering questions and providing personalized insights. This level of engagement showcases the University’s commitment to leveraging technology to create meaningful connections, even in a virtual setting.

Click on images for a 360° walk-around of Miami’s campus.

Miami University of Ohio’s use of Street View On Demand exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to student engagement and recruitment in the digital age. By embracing this technology, the University not only enhances the experience for current students but also provides prospective students with an authentic and immersive preview of campus life. As higher education institutions continue to traverse the evolving landscape of student recruitment, Miami University’s innovative use of Street View On Demand serves as a model for leveraging technology to create a compelling online presence and foster meaningful connections with the next generation of students.

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