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Meet students and families where they are searching: online.

Education Street View and Virtual Tour Examples

College campuses, daycare centers, middle schools, and training centers can benefit from the power of Street View on Demand and Virtual Tours. From offering campus tours to adding your center's private roads to Google Maps for easier navigation, Advanced Online Insights can help.

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Attract the right students for your education center 24/7 all year long.

Advanced Online Insights provides every solution your campus or education center needs to attract students all year long, regardless of weather conditions, geographic barriers, staff hours, and academic calendars. With the right tools, students and families can tour your campus, explore your buildings, and see high-quality images of your center any time, day or night.

Show Building Interiors

Virtual Tours are a great way to show off your student housing, training centers, academic classrooms, and more. Provide access to the best parts of your campus with unlimited online access through a customizable virtual tour.

Provide Campus Tours

Street View on Demand puts you in control of when your Street View imagery is captured. Choose a date when your center or campus looks the best. Add private roads to Google Maps to ensure accurate navigation.

Showcase Your Amenities

Whether it's your campus' fitness center, playground, sports arenas, community rooms, or performing arts buildings, both virtual tours and Street View give you an opportunity to show off your amenities to potential students in a familiar format.

What are the benefits of adding Street View on Demand or virtual tours to your education centers?

Adding Google Street View and virtual tours of your campus to all of Google's platforms has a host of benefits. We have listed some of the most important ones below.


Update Google Maps

Add Street View to your campus and education center on Google Maps

When we capture your Street View imagery we also update private roads, enhance your building numbering, and fix navigation problems on Google Maps.

Updating Google Maps helps students and families, delivery drivers, and emergency services find the right location quickly and accurately.

Enhance your online presence

Get found in more search results

Using Street View imagery on Google Maps and Google Business Listings powers your search optimization. With high-quality imagery, your education center can appear in search more often and convert more search results into inquiries and website traffic. Our services not only get real results, they make you look great in the process.


Save Time & Money

Walk Students Through Campus

An updated campus tour can save staff time and money by hosting virtual tours. Students and families can view facilities on their own schedule from anywhere in the world. Tours can be customized with narration, video links, on-screen information boxes, and more.

Next Level Marketing Tools for Education Centers

Our Google Street View on Demand and Google Virtual Tour services drastically elevate the quality and quantity of the content available on Google Search and Google Maps for your daycare center, college campus, high school, and training/education centers.


Why Trust Advanced Online Insights?

Here's the truth: Google isn't coming to you. Because apartment complexes are considered private property, your complex will never be fully captured by the Google Street View vehicles. This means your business will not have a comprehensive Google Business Profile unless you create it. Advanced Online Insights has added thousands of virtual tours, private roads, apartment complexes, parks, universities, and more to Google Maps. We want to get you listed, too.