Google Virtual Tours Drive Customer Engagement

Google Virtual Tours Drive Customer Engagement

Businesses with a virtual tour attached to their Google Business Profile provide potential customers with an intimate look at their business. 

Studies have shown that simply having local images of your business creates a competitive advantage when consumers see your business in search next to other businesses in your industry. Businesses who only display a corporate logo or stock imagery in their Google Business Profile do not generate nearly as many conversions or interest as a business who has a full gallery of images and a virtual tour.

Promote Products and Services

Google Business Profiles offer a lot of insights to your business. Business owners or marketers can easily identify which keyword enable customers to search for your business or how they find your services. You can also go so far to specifically engage with your customers about your products and services, including:

  • Accept Food Orders: Google Business Profiles are keeping up with trends by enabling customers to place food orders for deliver OR pickup online. You can partner with local delivery services or offer your own.
  • List Your Products: If you have a manageable inventory, you can list your individual products and keep them updated for super simple online ordering and shopping.
  • Offer Online Quotes and Service Listings: If you are a service-based industry, you can list your services and ever offer online quotes to help prospective customers better identify if they are a good fit for your company.

Google’s local search algorithm displays business listing with a virtual tour more frequently than businesses who does not. We have even seen that businesses who continue to update their photos on a regular basis show up higher in search results and appear more often.

Plus, once users begin to engage more with your Business Profile, your profile becomes stronger. More reviews, ratings, responses, customer photos, and customer engagements continues to push your Google Business Profile higher in the results–meaning more views and more customers for you!

Learn more about Google Business Profiles here.

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