Going Virtual: How businesses can gain a virtual presence in 2022

In 2022, consumers and online users are going to have high expectations for online experiences. We’re living in a new world: a world that survived a pandemic and a nationwide effort to make as many things as possible virtual. With that comes a smarter, more internet-savvy audience that will have increasingly higher demands for virtual experiences. And while this might feel overwhelming, our team of experts can help you take some simple steps to change the way your business stands out online. Here are our five top tips for gaining a virtual presence this year.

No. 1: Embrace Google Platforms

Nothing shocking here. What even is a world without Google, anyway? In addition to powering the world’s online searches, Google also powers Google Maps, the world’s leading maps tool. Google Business Profiles puts jet fuel behind your business, enabling it to appear quickly and correctly on Google Maps and local search functions. Google owns many more platforms and companies, but we’ll stop here: embracing Google will power your business’ online presence in a way that nothing else truly can. Creating accurate, updated Google My Business profiles can deliver unparalleled results for your business.

No. 2: Use More Videos

Videos are a not-so-secret tool to getting your products and services in front of your customers. Nearly 84% of all consumers noted that a video can convince them to make a purchase or book a service. Videos are a quick and simple way to share information, personality, and brand look and feel in a single deliverable. In addition, studies continually prove that videos are the best way to engage and educate consumers, and that nearly all video marketers find that the videos have produced a solid return on investment. Plus, Google loves them (See point No.1).

No. 3: Create a Virtual Tour

Combining elements of the first two tips, creating a virtual tour is an exceptional way to gain a virtual presence. At Advanced Online Insights, our Google Trusted Photographers harness the power of Google Street View technology and bring it inside your business. An immersive 360º virtual walk through tour is created from high-quality photography of your business or store. Virtual tours can be embedded on a website, social media platform, and used for digital marketing. A bonus of working with Advanced Online Insights: we automatically publish your finished tour to Google Maps, and we connect your business’ photo gallery to your Google Business Profile, powering your business even more.

No. 4: Serve More of What Your Audience Wants

Generating great content is one thing–generating great content that you audience actually wants is something else entirely. A great virtual presence can be impacted by the relevancy of the content you share on your website and social media pages. Get familiar with your company’s data so you can better understand which pages, topics, and information your audience is engaging with and reading. Then, make more content just like that!

No. 5: Get Ready for the Meta Madness

The Metaverse is coming, and smart businesses will be prepared. While it may be awhile before an average small business feels the impact, large corporations are already making huge investments in Web 3.0 experiences. The Metaverse will be a new wave of online virtual experiences that enable people to connect more freely with others online, including via shopping and purchasing. Understanding how your business can participate in the Metaverse is the first step to being prepared. Explore our blog ‘Metaverse 101’ for more information, and keep Advanced Online Insights in mind for when you’re ready to take your business to the next level.

Above all, it’s time for businesses to own their virtual presence. Consumers expect it, and businesses that embrace it are thriving. We can help! Contact our team today to start building your virtual presence.

Stock photo from Pixabay

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