Google Street View & Virtual Tour Custom Services

We offer several custom services ranging from custom virtual tours to virtual reality experiences. Our goal is to help you bring your 360° vision to life.

Virtual Tour Hosting, Menus, and Hot Spots

We provide services that go beyond adding Street View and Virtual Tours to Google Maps. We provide private hosting for custom virtual tours with overlay menus and dynamic hot spots. These custom tour experiences can be used in conjunction with your Google virtual tour or independently from Google's platforms.

Custom Virtual Tours

Virtual Reality Experiences

Step into your virtual tour with the Google Street View app and a Google Cardboard viewer to turn your phone into a VR experience. Better yet, have our team create a custom VR experience that you can use on a professional VR headset.

VR Experiences

Google My Business Presentations & Workshops

Our local search experts and trainers provide live workshops designed to help business owners learn more about the Google My Business Program. We are proud to help local communities and their businesses learn how to get found on Google Maps and Google Search.

Google Presentations

Analytics Software

The AOI Analytics Tool visualizes actual Google Search data and performance by tracking Google My Business Insights and Keyword Ranking reports. Having access to this data can show how well marketing campaigns are performing and provides real insight into where a business should focus their efforts and budget in the future.

AOI Analytics Tool

Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual Tours and Street View create a unique experience to share your space with viewers online. Virtual Reality takes it to the next level. This trending technology is the perfect opportunity to create an experience that can fully immerse the viewer by placing them virtually inside your space. An investment in VR is an investment in the future.

There are many ways to view VR content and we have built a system works seamlessly across all popular VR headsets. This allows you to share the content with more users and have piece of mind that it will remain compatible with new hardware and software updates. We have even went as far as creating a user interface that we can share with our clients to allow them to edit the VR experiences we create for them and add and update content when the need arises. 

Our custom VR experience service is priced on a project by project basis and come with all rights to the imagery and software fully available to the client. Our standard projects are priced based on labor at a rate of $99 per hour for developers and designers, and $49 per hour for data entry and processing. Most projects include a yearly fee for hosting the imagery and updates to the online software. These usually run between $99 - $499 per year depending on the size and scope of the project. We would be happy to work with you to put together a price once we know a little more about the scope of your project. 

All of our VR Experiences can be viewed in a standard web browser and can be easily embedded directly into a website. This allows us to create one experience that can be used in a variety of different platforms. This increases the value and reach of  the experiences we create for our clients.

VR Custom Virtual Tour Viewer App
Gothru Navigator | Google Play Link | Oculus Go Link | Oculus Quest Link (coming soon)

We can also create 360 YouTube experiences that allows a user to view a 360° YouTube slideshow of 360° imagery.

Virtual Tour Overlay Editor - This is the software we make available to our clients to make their own modifications to the virtual tour experience. Please note that the link should only be shared with members of your team who have been trained to update the virtual tour.