College Campus Virtual Digital Twinning

College Campus Virtual Digital Twinning

A quick Google search will demonstrate that many studies are showing that college enrollment is declining. While the reasons for this can be multiple, perhaps one key reason for this is that the “college experience” may not be perceived as the allure it once was. Attracting students to higher education is getting tougher as the ability to make money migrates from the traditional job that a degree qualifies you for to the internet entrepreneur society. From the prospective student’s perspective, why spend money and time in college when YouTube, TikTok, blogging, and other side hustles might make you more money in less time? Or at least that’s the perception. Real or not, it’s a high hurdle to be sure. 

Another reason could be that colleges and universities may not have moved their “first impression” from the campus to the virtual world quite yet. This, combined with young adults not seeing the college experience as valuable, creates a real challenge if your job is getting them on campus.

So, how do college and university campuses attract students who just don’t see college as a viable pursuit anymore? Perhaps some measure of the answer is in the word ‘see.’ Schools are meant to be seen from their campus sidewalks, hallways, classrooms, the football field, the Student Center, etc. It’s a place, not just for classes, but also for community. So, if you can’t get the students to take a tour on-location, perhaps it’s time to meet them where they are and invite them to take a tour digitally. Reposition where your “first impression” is. 

This is where campuses creating a virtual digital twin have the advantage. Not the kind of twin that’s a metaverse-style of learning (called Metaversities) but rather a pick-your-own-adventure virtual walk-around of the actual campus. Virtual learning is a terrific tool but it really doesn’t serve to woo them to the campus itself, rather it encourages prospective students to stay planted on their couches with their laptops. 

Galen College of Nursing – Miami, FL Campus Virtual Digital Twin

For some, that’s exactly what they envision college classes to be. But what about those who are on the fence? What about those who want to see several campuses but may not have the means to easily travel during the search process? How are you serving and courting them? Maybe it’s time to remove that barrier and show them!

Show them what it would be like sitting on the 50-yard line of the football field. Show them how gorgeous the student center is and the café. Show them what it’s like to walk through the quad and see the beautiful landscaping you invested in to ensure their in-person experience would be incredible and life-changing. You spent millions of dollars creating a beautiful, immersive real-life experience. Help them see that!

With a virtual tour twin, their ability to engage with their screen, click through the campus, and explore at their leisure creates more time spent with your college brand. And maybe, just maybe, make them long for a real-life campus experience…YOUR campus experience!

We humans are made for community and togetherness. We crave it even when we say we don’t. Getting us to admit that is one thing; getting us to act is another. Sometimes, we have to be compelled by more than just words. Sometimes, we need to be shown. The ability to meet prospective students where they are as your first impression, and to allow them to look up, down, and all around at your beautiful campus, virtually, might be what it takes to move them closer to you, actually. 

If you’d like to explore how virtual digital twinning can help your campus, contact us. We would love to have that conversation with you!

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