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Bringing Innovation to Utilities No Comments

September 26, 2022 AOI Admin

Advanced Online Insights Collaborates with Finnish Company Autori Advanced Online Insights, a digital information company focused on virtual tours and Google  products, services, and technology, announced a collaboration with Autori, a Finland-based company that provides software and information services for road and street maintenance. The partnership aims to merge Advanced Online Insights’ ability to capture […]

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The Latest Updates to the Google Maps App No Comments

September 17, 2022 AOI Admin

Google routinely searches for innovative ways to update its platforms to make even better experiences for its users. Recently, Google rolled out an all-new view in Google Maps on Android phones that will help users better navigate the world around them. Using a split-screen functionality, Google Maps will simultaneously display the Street View screen and […]

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Metaverse 101: What the Metaverse is and How it Impacts You No Comments

September 10, 2022 AOI Admin

By now, you’ve likely heard the term ‘Metaverse’ in one form or another. Maybe it’s because Facebook changed its name to ‘Meta,’ or because you’re reading headlines and articles that mention the Metaverse as the next wave of the Internet. But what, exactly, is the Metaverse? And why should you care? The truth is, at […]

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Going Virtual: How businesses can gain a virtual presence in 2022 No Comments

September 3, 2022 AOI Admin

In 2022, consumers and online users are going to have high expectations for online experiences. We’re living in a new world: a world that survived a pandemic and a nationwide effort to make as many things as possible virtual. With that comes a smarter, more internet-savvy audience that will have increasingly higher demands for virtual […]


Laying Your Energy Line 3 No Comments

August 24, 2022 AOI Admin

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