How To Post A 360° Photo On Facebook

Share A Facebook 360 Photo With Your Followers

Posting a 360° photo on Facebook is a unique way to transport customers into your business or encourage interaction with your products and services. Advanced Online Insights sends our clients dozens, sometimes hundreds, of 360° photos with every completed Google Virtual Tour. With this update from Facebook, you can share 360° photos with your customers and larger market! This special type of post also allows you to center the starting view on the most relevant part of the 360° photo you are sharing and leaves a more lasting impression.


Follow the written instructions or watch the instructional video to learn how to post a 360° photo on Facebook.

Step 1. Create PostOpen Facebook and choose Create Post.

Step 2. Select the Photo/Video option.
Step 3. Choose Photo. Select a 360° photo and press Open.
Step 4. Choose Starting View. Once the photo has fully loaded, click Edit 360° Settings, and choose the desired starting view.
Step 5. Write a caption for your post and click Post to publish your 360° image.

How To Post A 360° Photo On Facebook Video Instructions