About Us

We offered our services to businesses, cities, and organizations across the country since 2011.

Advanced Online Insights is a company built on the foundation of transparency and honesty in online marketing. It is our goal to provide clients with the truly amazing online tools, comprehensive marketing strategies, and fresh, relevant content needed to succeed.

We promise to provide these services with integrity and professionalism.

Advanced Online Insights

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Advanced Online Insights offers the following services to help your business get found online:

  • Street View On Demand

  • Google Virtual Tours

  • Custom 360° Photography

  • Virtual Reality Experiences

  • Google My Business Presentations and Workshops

  • The AOI Analytics Tool

  • Virtual Tour Hosting, Menus, and Hot Spots

Ready to Work with You

On any given day, the Advanced Online Insights team is supporting businesses, cities, municipalities, and organizations to reinvent their online presence through updated imagery and leading technology. We're always accepting new customers, and we look forward to working with you!

We Specialize In...


Helping customers find you online with our expertise in Google's extensive catalog of online services and products.


Promoting your business with beautiful imagery and cutting edge visual content utilizing Google's Street View for Business Virtual Tours.


Providing access to real analytics that truly matter for your business with AOI Analytics Tools.


Expert training, consultation, and online tools for marketing and advertising agencies.


Educational presentations and workshops for City Managers, Chambers of Commerce, and Business Associations

“I can't imagine that there is anyone better than Joe at Google 360 views. I appreciated most how much of the organization and prep that he took off my plate. Since I have started working with him, we have efficiently knocked out over 100 Tire Discounter stores in 4 states. His quality and attention to detail is impeccable. We now add on a headshot of our general manager during the store shoot and the value and quality is perfect for our needs and more. Thanks Joe!”

Joe Danzer

owner of Advanced Online Insights, is a nationally recognized professional photographer.

At Advanced Online Insights, Joe combines his previous experiences to help businesses across the country get found online and enhance their digital presence. He is currently Google's top-performing photographer in Cincinnati and has been annually recognized as a national top performer for Google since 2014. Joe is a Google Certified Photographer and a Google City Ambassador, under which he has maintained the position of the top verifier, one of the highest honors, since the Google My Business Program started in 2014.