Virtual tOur instructions for CVG

Navigating Virtual Tours

Listed below are the instructions to navigate the virtual tour. Included are viewing options, navigation controls, and instructions for submitting questions for more detailed information.

 There are several ways to navigate the virtual tour. The basic controls for viewing the virtual tour are...

    • Click the arrows to navigate the virtual tour. 
    • Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in/out. 
    • Click any of the info icons to see more info.

Virtual Tour Navigation Controls


Select any of the menu items to navigate to the specified area of the virtual tour.

Map View

The map view contains a detailed view of Concourse B Hub. Select any of the red dots to navigate directly to the associated area of the virtual tour. If you use the navigation arrows to move through Concourse B Hub the associated red dot will change to a blue dot to show the active area of the tour.

Navigation Arrows

Click the navigation arrows to move between areas of the virtual tour

Control Bar

Toggle Map View: Turns the map view on and off

Autoplay Tour: Animates the tour and navigates through the areas automatically.

Toggle Fullscreen: Opens the tour in full screen mode on your PC or mobile device. Press ESC on a PC or swipe down on your mobile device to exit full screen mode.

Submitting Questions
One of the benefits of the virtual tour is making communication seamless for submitting questions about specific objects or areas in the virtual tour. Submit your question along with a link to the corresponding view in the virtual tour by following the instructions below.

Instructions for submitting questions

      1. Navigate to the view you want to show along with your question.
      2. Select and copy the link in your internet browser. (this link will open the virtual tour in the same spot for the viewer)
      3. Paste the link along with you inquiry and email it to
    Virtual Tour Inquiries & Questions
    If you feel this virtual tour was helpful and you could benefit from a similar service feel free to reach out to our Senior Sales Associate, Joe Danzer, 

    We provide a host of services including Virtual Site Visits, Google Street View, Custom Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality Experiences.